The importance of professional photography in designs

The use of photography in graphic design had its birth way long ago, back in late 1920 decade, when Herbert Bayer, after leaving Bauhaus school, where he was the teacher of  “Print and advertising Workshop”, started to study the interconnections between “advertising science” and psychology.
He started then to integrate photos in his work, with montages and screens, in order to give more dynamics and expressiveness to his creations and make of them what he called “an architectural framework“.
Those really were first photo montages of graphic design history.  

10 Stunning Ecommerce Web Designs

Threadless home image

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder but functionality’s got to be a slam-dunk.
If it’s a store, it should be obvious how to buy stuff, right?
It’s a rare ecommerce site that combines beauty with utility. Some of our favorites are below – in no particular order. But remember: a website is only as functional as its hosting service.
So if you sell things online, it’s critical to find a reliable ecommerce web hosting company.  

An architectural typography project in Portugal

The alley where the art gallery is located

This really is a place and a typography masterpiece I would love to visit and take picture of .

The photo you’re watching (more in the whole article) belongs to a 18th century chapel, the Ermida Nossa Senhora da Conceição, in the Belém area of Lisbon – Portugal – reopened as an art gallery that shows work by contemporary Portuguese artists.

I don’t know why, curiously, in others blogs you can read that this building belongs to a surgery association (!!!), in truth, the real owners of the gallery and R2 Design Studio, that realized the facade, was inspired to create this composition to reunite in it both the original spiritual use and the actual cultural destination by creating something artistic, in order to attract the attention of new visitors in an area full of important historical buildings.  

The making of a MacWorld Magazine Cover


Cover creation from Peter Belanger on Vimeo.

This great video shows how much work goes in the creation of the cover of a MacWorld Magazine, to start from the planning of the first shot to the positioning of every single pixel, showing us that really nothing is left to chance.

Time lapse is so compressed that half a day goes in 30 seconds!

This video has been uploaded on Vimeo by Peter Belanger.
You can visit his Vimeo page to read his article about it and the technical details about the cameras and lenses he used.


The art of (and a wallpaper from) Thomas Allen

Thomas Allen's RED

Stumbleupon really is a huge treasure vault of  incredible and talented artists.

A while ago I found this guy that makes amazing images from cut-out pulp book covers.

As I’ve already stated here and there in this blog I like vintage stuff and imagery, and seeing those creations really made me stunned.

Inspired by children pop-up books he loves, Thomas has had one of those ideas each creative always starves for, but his work goes beyond that.

His job is not limited to cut the paper and putting in position the slices.

He is an inspired director of stage, light, and composition, really bringing  photos to life, projecting you in the  world he’s seeing.  

Typographic Card Game

Image of the Sets of Cards

The Brazilian design studio PS2 created this beautiful self promotional typographic memory card game.

This concentration game consist of 20 pairs of card, each one with a different type family.

Set has some extra cards with a typographical glossary and the explanation of the sentence that names the gift: “the quick brown fox jumps to over the lazy dog”.
The package also contains a text about the evolution of type design, locating in history each font used in the cards.

Set is the annual gift to customers and friends of the graphic design universe and of the agency and comes in a limited edition of 300 numbered copies.


Some Spec:
Principal Type: Univers Condensed, by Adrian Frutiger
Paper: Condat Silk + Matte
Colors: Pantone
Finishing: Lustre Lamination + Die Cut

Click to view a larger image

Click to view a larger image

Citroën new brand identity: a whole new course

Screen of email I received

Hi people. Here I am again after more than a month of isolation (I’ve had to change my pc and requested to my ISP an upgrade of my ADSL – wich I never received).
First of all I want to thank all of my readers, that kept on visiting this website in search of new articles.

The one I’m going to publish today was written before my old pc broke.
I admit it is not a fresh news now, however, when I wrote it I did it a lot of research, and you can see and read here things you can’t easily find somewhere else. I think I did a rather good job. Any comment is always appreciated.

Some days ago (it was 25th march when I was writing) I received from Citroën itself the email you can see in the screenshot above (Who told them I need to change my car?).

Here it is its message:


Creativity and technology. Innovation. Ecologic performance. These are our proofs.  

Type Directors Club Winners

Preview of Award winning Typefaces

As many of you probably know, Type Directors Club defines itself “an international organization for all people who are devoted to excellence in typography, both in print and on screen”.
This year edition of TDC2, its Typeface Awards had 165 participants from 26 countries resulting in 18 winning entries representing 8 countries.

The jury was chaired by Fiona Ross, lecturer at University of Reading, and Associate Designer to Tiro Typeworks , included Ken Barber (House Industries); Jonathan Hoefler (Hoefler & Frere-Jones); Richard Kegler (P22 Type Foundry), and Gabriel Martinez Meave (Kimera Type Foundry, Mexico ).

Mik’s Design Pick of the Week

An Amazing Arwork of Jay Horinouchi

Here it is again the list of my 10 favorite readings of the week.
Let’s start.

Coke did it again! Limited edition design

A partial image of the screenshot introducing the new design

It is possible that my couple of reader will think that I am a soft drink addicted now (if so I Would never tell, LOL), but surely I couldn’t let this news unnoticed.

Coca-Cola launched about a month ago a limited edition design for the Coca-Cola Light bottle. And a very coool and eye-catching one, I have to say.

Bottles have been styled by Natalye Rykiel, daughter of the talented end eclectic French stylist Sonia Rykiel, ex model, actually art director of the family griffe.


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