The home page image is a Website (with a nice graphic design, I have to say) born from from a collaboration between photographers, models, graphic and motion artists. provides a selection of pictures of pin-up and you have to create a design to enter the challenge.
It is not well explained how long each challenge lasts, but as they states everything is growing and subjet to change at the time that I am writing.

They address to all creatives with the aim, they say, to create “works of art to hang over the fireplace”, but it is true indeed that this initiative really is something different, with some fifties years flavour that we all love (don’t we?) and leaves the doors open to a lot of other opportunities.

If you want to give a look to the Website to apply for the challenge or just propose a wallpaper of the month, click HERE

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Thanks for the great review. Thought you might like to know that Filthy Smut Peddlers is back and better than ever. The link you currently have doesn’t point to our site though. It, hope to see you there.


Johnson added these pithy words on Jan 26 10 at 5:12 am

Thanks for the info!
I usually check everything in a post, but it could happend that something may be overlooked!
I apologize for the inconvenience!
I don’t know why but Broken link cheker Plugin doesn’t work in this installation of WP.
Thanks again for telling me about this,

Michela Cappelli added these pithy words on Jul 02 10 at 12:40 pm

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