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Strolling around on the web I’ve found a post of Rob McQueen that, opening the post with the quote in subject, taken from (a website that weekly publish the chart of the “coolest” designs of their network), wonders how much of this is is true, stating that now Flash websites are the new standard and since it is finally indexed by search engines the boring era of the html dinosaur is over.


Well…It could be that I’m a dinosaur myself, so I’m scared of exctinction, or it could be that some “webdez” feels too much like rockstars…or just both of two, but I STRONGLY disagree with this point of view!!

I don’t think that Flash could be for the moment (Never say never! the net is too much everchanging!) an absolute standard. It is the only choice for rich, visually and entertaining websites, but if you need an informational website/portal you still need to rely in old good html/xhtml.
Informational websites must stay up-to-date often and with flash to perform an update it is a too much a complicate and time waster task.
IMHO, it has become more a standard, nowadays, the transformation of a personal website in a business blog.
We can see more and more of it each day. A lot of webdesigners that yesterday had a flash website, today open a blog. This is the tendence my eyes are seeing!
With an informational blog you can show better to a possible customer who you are and your expertise.
You can share your thoughts. You can network more.

I simply think Flash and html/xhtml just take different roads, serve different purposes (which doesn’t mean they can’t proficiently work together as well).

And to be honest, it’s not that I have seen so much “flashed” website on top of search engines, in spite of the so much talked about new .swf seachability (that now is not new anymore) I’m still seeing what Rob calls “crappy regular sites”.
God knows why! (Yeah, I’m ironic…) :-)

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I could’nt agree more with you! For me, flash will always be animation.

mia added these pithy words on Sep 20 08 at 10:04 pm

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